Design & Direction

Mike Valentine is a San Francisco based designer and art director. He’s worked with a broad range of clients across a variety of disciplines that include brand identity, print and interactive. Mike is currently Senior Designer at Apple.


University of the Arts
Art Unleashed

Branding for an exhibition and sale of artwork from University of the Arts students, faculty and alumni to help raise money to support the University’s Promising Young Artists Scholarship Fund. The red dot sticker is a universal indication that an art piece has been sold.


Dream Machine Creative

Logo and identity for a New York based film production studio. The mark is a representation of the studio’s ambitious spirit of making the impossible possible.


Ion Exchange Resins

Logo and identity for the premier manufacturer of ion exchange resins. The logo is a symbol of the company’s dedication to innovation and technology.


Arcadia Boutique

Identity for an eco-friendly boutique located in Philadelphia. The vintage aesthetic and bespoke stencil serif logotype reflects Arcadia’s curated approach to buying and merchandising.


The Knoll Source

Identity for an exclusive Knoll furniture dealer. The rebrand focused on closely aligning with the modern ideals of Knoll’s products and marketing while retaining an independent identity. The logo is constructed of two simple shapes referencing modularity and customization.



Branding and invite for an exclusive showing of the Barnes Foundation. The event was a showcase of the collaborative efforts of Knoll and The Barnes that combined architecture, art and interior design. The invite included a commemorative book.


32-20 Productions

Logo and identity for a film production company. The name is derived from “.32-20 Blues”, an ode to the Winchester rifle. The logo is a reference to the back of a bullet casing.